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Full Integration Between ZenDesk and Infusionsoft™!

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With MyFusion Notes you get:

Simple Setup

Simple Setup Process - Just Fill Out a Couple of Forms and We Do All of the Hard Work For You!

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Built-In Workflows

Built-In Infusionsoft™ Workflows That Mimic ZenDesk Workflows!

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Custom Workflows

Unlimited Custom Workflows and Campaign Goals In Infusionsoft™ That Fully Integrate With Zendesk!

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Now Imagine The Possibilities...

Email Followup

Trigger email campaigns in Infusionsoft™ based upon ticket priority, status or other criteria you can control.

Sales Integration

Automatically schedule sales calls for your staff via the "contact owner" field and robust Campaign Builder automation.

Automated Tagging

Apply any tag to an Infusionsoft™ contact through native Zendesk Ticket flow and automate it so that your helpdesk staff does not have to be acquainted with your tagging practices.

Demographic Data

Change any contact record in your Infusionsoft™ account to reflect any changes made through ZenDesk, including updates, ticket changes and priority changes!

Smart Routing

Use location, VIP status or any other flag or filter you want to automatically route tickets to smart integrations via Campaign Builder.


Self-optimize and prioritize so your most important customers go to the front of the line or get special treatment.

That's just a handful of the dozens things you can do with MyFusion Notes 

MyFusion Notes does all that and more!

MyFusion Notes is a simple "plug-and-play" solution that integrates your ZenDesk and Infusionsoft™ accounts at the highest levels.  This gives you and your team the ability to provide even better customer service to your customers and increase your sales.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

"I truly love the integration with Zendesk!"

I have been working with the integrated MyFusion Notes app from the beginning of our implementation of Infusionsoft™ and we could not be happier. The ability to streamline automation into our customer service responses has been a tremendous time saver for us and created a traceable note in each customer's account that has worked extremely well for us. I would highly recommend using MyFusion Notes for any business owner that appreciates productivity and efficiency.

- Laura Fuentes (CEO


"We were getting killed by our support system not talking to Infusionsoft™."

"Now that we have MyFusion Notes, our Zendesk is FINALLY talking to Infusionsoft™. This is AMAZING! Being able to trigger goals and apply tags helps tremendously!"

- Cristina Esposito (President, VitaLogics LLC)

"This APP Rocks! It does EVERYTHING we need."

"My support team loves the ability to see Infusionsoft™ contact data. Before, they didn't even have an accurate name. Now they have everything!"

- Diane VanAcker (


"Our team uses Zendesk's Mobile Apps to manage our tickets. Most apps on the marketplace DON'T work on native Zendesk Mobile Apps. MyFusion Notes DOES. You don't miss a beat!"

- Joseph Esposito (AlignLife Franchise)

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I need accounts for both Infusionsoft™ & Zendesk?

Do I need the Enterprise version of Zendesk?

Where are the tickets stored in Infusionsoft™?

How long does it take to setup?

What about the Zendesk chat widget?

Is a new Note created every time a ticket is updated?

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